DEUFRAKO: calculation of LAeq and Lden
Prediction and Propagation of rolling noise

calculation of LAeq and Lden

Traffic noise is still considered as one of the most important source of discomfort by neighbouring populations of high trafficked roads. Most the time the LAmax for near-field configurations is measured. But for road companies, road authorities, consultans, engineers etc. it is interested if the used pavement reduces traffic noise in far field conditions, too. Now a theoretical method, which based on a LAmax → LAeq transfer, is used to calculate the LAeq and the Lden in front of façades. more...

Ten typical road situations were defined to analyse the following influences on the sound propagation:


All in all 9 different typical German pavements and 18 typical French pavements are available as well as three new pavements which are developed in the P2RN-project. more...

Furthermore you can choose between 8 different traffic classes:


With all the information a common database called DEUFRABASE was build. Now there are three possibilities of calculation: